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The scientist connect was established in San Jose in 2011. In the early days, it mainly sold immune antibody reagents. With the vigorous development of biotechnology, Genprice also actively introduced high-quality products from well-known European, Japanese, and Korean brands to Canada. Both companies merged in 2013.

The scientist connect provides the best research reagent products for academic institutions, government agencies, biotechnology companies and pharmaceutical companies. 

At present, the agent products have covered research fields such as immune antibody reagents, oxidative stress research, apoptosis detection, new cancer drug development, primary cell culture and allergen testing, including various biological reagent sets, antibodies, recombinant proteins and other emerging experimental research tools.

FBS serum samples are stocked till 200 bottles of 500 ml for the labs that have 2 months to test our Serum.

We supply also RNA libraries.

 With the expansion of its business, Genprice has successively established San Jose, CA and European branches in order to provide customers with more professional, timely and prompt bio- services.

 In order to cope with the rapid growth of the company in recent years, Genprice moved to the San Jose, CA Science Park in 2014 to provide customers with better services with better hardware facilities.

 The company team always adheres to the tenet of ” integrity, practicality, professionalism and service ” , and provides you with complete and high-quality sales and after-sales service with professional knowledge and experience , dedicated service attitude , and the concept of sustainable operation .

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I believe Gentaur Genprice will be the best partner on your field of biological research .

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