BioXCell Bulk Antibodies

April 14, 2020 0 Comments

Bio X Cell is a US-based US biotechnology company that has been supplying the world’s scientific community with monoclonal antibodies since 1997.

The major product is a large package of purified monoclonal antibodies for In-Vivo studies and functional assays. Antibodies achieve the highest possible quality.

Antibodies referred to as InVivoMab and InVivoPlus are highly purified, contain extremely low endotoxin levels (≤0.002 EU / µg; ≤2 / EU / mg) and do not contain any mouse pathogens, azide, or other components that could interfere with In Vivo experiments. They are primarily designed for pre-clinical and In Vivo functional studies in mice, neutralization and blocking experiments, for multi-parameter flow cytometry, diagnostics and other In Vitro applications.

The latest product line is the ReadyTag series, which are antibodies to most relevant protein tags.

Bio X Cell offers custom antibody production / purification as a service. If the client delivers the hybridoma, Bio X Cell delivers the purified antibody of the highest quality standard for the most advanced In Vivo experiments.

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